Avengers Attack Super Hero Squad (2011)

Avengers Attack

The Positive: They have released a couple of these multi-figure SHS packs.  The other HAS  a Hulk in it – but it’s the same Hulk they have now released at least 5 times.  I have made a stand and refuse to pick it up – mainly because they JUST released it in the Thor 3-Pack a month ago.  This pack here has two things going for it – a re-painted Leader AND a first ever Red She Hulk.

Red She Hulk SHS

The Negative: So, here’s the rub.  The original Leader had an Orange/Yellow evil jumpsuit – and they repainted the gloves, boots, belt to silver.  And that’s it.  I would have loved to see a McFarlane inspired Leader instead of a simple re-paint.

Leader Re-paint

The Conclusion: This is a great way to pick up quite a few SHS figures for less than buying those 2-packs.  This pack also delivers the black suit Spidey (which is way cooler than the regular suit, IMO) and a great Cap not to mention Crossbones.  This 7 pack is worth the pick up!  Grade: B

Original Leader Paint Job

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