Daily Archives: June 7, 2011

Steven Sanchez Commissions (2011)

Fixit Head Shot

Steven was offering up $15 head shots – and I took part in the madness that soon followed as a lot of the SF residents took a spot on Steven’s very long list!  This artist is amazing and showed his skills as he took on almost every character imaginable!  Seriously – if you can think of a character he probably drew it!  Check out his Deviant Art Page if you don’t believe me!  I love some of the pieces – but mine are the favorites, of course. 

The Fixit is based off the Keown/Green Fixit back in issues #395/396.  I actually would have preferred a Purves  – which he actaully has coming up for someone else (I couldn’t believe someone else asked for Fixit – let alone got a better Fixit than I!)  but this Fixit is fantastic.  And the Planet Hulk – just a head shot – showing so much action is incredible!

Planet Hulk Head Shot