Steven Sanchez Commissions (2011)

Fixit Head Shot

Steven was offering up $15 head shots – and I took part in the madness that soon followed as a lot of the SF residents took a spot on Steven’s very long list!  This artist is amazing and showed his skills as he took on almost every character imaginable!  Seriously – if you can think of a character he probably drew it!  Check out his Deviant Art Page if you don’t believe me!  I love some of the pieces – but mine are the favorites, of course. 

The Fixit is based off the Keown/Green Fixit back in issues #395/396.  I actually would have preferred a Purves  – which he actaully has coming up for someone else (I couldn’t believe someone else asked for Fixit – let alone got a better Fixit than I!)  but this Fixit is fantastic.  And the Planet Hulk – just a head shot – showing so much action is incredible!

Planet Hulk Head Shot

3 responses to “Steven Sanchez Commissions (2011)

  1. Bad-@ss! Those sketches are awesomesauce!

  2. TheStrongestOne

    Definitely like Joe Fixit the best but both are really cool..

  3. Bruce thinks about how easily ..any place becomes home when you dont have one…The golden man watches Bruce walk across the street to the ..Coliseum…Bruce is glad that no one is watching a rather skinny man ..using Mister Fixits penthouse elevator. Suddenly Fixit realizes that it is daylight and that hes still the Hulk.

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