Also on the Stands…

The Hulk will also be in the next issue... I'd be more excited if it weren't Deadpool

Is there a more glorious way to die than death by Hulk?  If there is – I can’t think of one… although, I don’t read Deadpool – so someone who does might be able to help me out here.  Wade has a healing factor, right?  I mean the Hulk kills him in this issue – but not enough to make it stick… ugh, wait – another side bar here – Healing factors are one thing – but when they actually stop the character from dying it’s not a healing factor anymore – it’s invincibility.  And who doesn’t have invincibility in comics these days?  It’s really pathetic!  Alright, back to the non-sense: Doesn’t Wade have a hideously disfigured face?  How does his healing factor not cure that?  Again, I know we’re dealing with comics – but try to make them make sense at least!


5 responses to “Also on the Stands…

  1. I don’t read Deadpool because I don’t really like the character so my knowledge of him is virtually nil. One could suppose that when his healing factor kicked in Wade was already disfigured. Therefore the healing factor uses that as a template when restoring him. Either that or Loeb secretly created the character.

  2. I am not a 100% sure…..I know he was dying of cancer when he got his healing power but part of the side effect was looking like freddy krueger and going insane.

  3. He has the same healing power as Wolverine, but he is covered with scar tissue after it happens.

  4. His body and mind are in a constants state of flux see the healing factor suppresses the cancer to the point it can’t kill him not get rid of it so skin tissue and body tissue are constantly killed by the cancer but at the same time the healing factor heals that tissue causing the scarring you see and note this happens back and forth the cancer destroying skin cells while healing factor work’s its stuff and deadpool has died before with the healing factor. Thanos who see’s that death likes deadpool better but Thanos likes death so he cock blocks deadpool by preventing him from dieing.

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