Planet Hulk Bust (2011)

Bowen Hulk Bust

The Good: There is a great 1:1 bust done as a commission – and some of them pop up on ebay from time to time.  This sculpt is so impressive that Bowen took notice and decided – with a few tweaks – to make it into a Bowen bust.  Man, am I glad he did – the 1:1 is over a grand – where the Bowen one is a little more affordable.  Also, the way the market is right now works out perfectly because an A-list character like this that usually has run into the 1000s has a bit more of a conservative run of 800.

PH #2

The paint application is fantastic on mine – and I love the color they used for the metal.  The damage they put on the shoulder plate is a fantastic detail from the storyline.  I have heard some pieces are a bit sloppy with the paint at the base – but luckily mine is not one of them.  The detail that Bowen went to with this bust is exceptional – even adding in the veins around obedience disc.

Love the detail in this piece! Just awesome!
The expression on his face is perfect - a smug mug!

Let’s talk about the base for a moment – the cracked column is very cool – but I would have liked to see something a little more wild and distinct to the storyline – like the base for the FS.  Maybe add in a little weaponry – Hulk’s big ol’e axe or something!  But like I stated before the base is still very cool and fits nicely with the character.

There are the eyes!

The Negative: The sculpting seems a little “soft” around the mouth – there is not enough of a distinction where his lips are.  Also, there is no scar – he is the Green Scar – and both the FS and this bust are scar-less!  This helmet is pretty much the same design, although this one is colored better – but the feathers at the top are closer together on the bust – and therefore when the paint was applied it looks a bit chunky – although it does look more comic accurate.

Bust with Comic

The Conclusion:  I had very few negatives to discuss as I was extremely happy with the way the bust came out – not only that it’s pretty damn large!  It might be a bit bigger than the 2008 busts that came out – but I forgot to compare.  But ultimately this is a must have for any Hulk fan – and even more so for fans of the storyline!  Grade: A

The PH Shelf in the Hulk room

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10 thoughts on “Planet Hulk Bust (2011)

  1. Oh…whoops! I see you were talking about your bust and the FS. By “FS”, I thought you meant the life-size bust, not Bowen’s Full Size statue. My mistake!

  2. I have drooled over the life size bust when it has appeared for sale from time to time. I’ve even considered financing it but its not financially responsible for me right now to do so. That bust stands 3 feet tall… I mean holy sh*t! Planet Hulk fan heaven…

  3. I am just as impressed with mine. The paint is way better than the Sideshow maquette I got. This little guy is really sharp!

  4. I love this mini-bust. It’s a shame so many are coming so soon, what with the classic Hulk and the Red Hulk mini-busts currently solicited. I think I’ll pick those up when they get heavily discounted on eBay when they finally come out…..this one, I snagged during the pre-order and aside from no scar and the mouth, this is one sharp piece!


    1. Yeah – I won’t be picking up the Red Hulk but I do want the classic Hulk. I am thinking about taking my chances on ebay with that one as well – but you never know – it seems like Bowen Hulks stay pretty expensive…

  5. BTW its officially unoffical Parker will be writing TIH. At least according to this excerpt. But there is no TIH in Sept..
    Written by Jeff Parker
    Penciled by KEV WALKER
    Cover by PASQUAL FERRY
    YOUR EYES DO NOT DECEIVE YOU! The Thunderbolts have pulled off THE GREATEST ESCAPE IN HISTORY – and joining the powerful ex-cons are CAPTAIN AMERICA and NAMOR the SUB-MARINER! This new era takes the kings of supercrime to a whole new level- at light speed!! By Jeff Parker (INCREDIBLE HULKS) and Kev Walker (SECRET AVENGERS)
    32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99″But there is no TIH in Sept..

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