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Pop Marvel Hulk Vinyl Bobble Head (2011)

Pop Marvel Hulk

Man, what is it about bobble heads?  They are the fad that refuses to go away!  And it’s not like there is a shortage of Hulk bobble heads to go around!  What makes this new line so unique is the design of the figures.  Much like the Mighty Muggs and the Marvel Plushies they have a distinct style to them that really stands out.  I would like to see a few variants – a Grey Hulk (a Mr. Fixit would be ideal) and a Merged Hulk – they’ve never done either in a bobble head and, heck, it’s time for a little change up!  I get that they need to do the A-List set of characters – but I think everyone enjoys a little diversity!

Huge head... I've heard that about the Hulk...