Hulk Coloring Books (2003-2008)

400 pages!?!?!? That's totally worth it!

You know the crazy thing?  I have so much stuff that I have shown I spend half my time looking through this website to see what I have and have not posted.  It’s almost ironic – I come to my own website and search for things that aren’t here – just to put them here!  A vicious cycle, indeed!

Hulk Coloring Book 2 - a lot thinner, not as impressive...

One of the few things I never usually post are these coloring books.  I found MOST of them at Bedrock Comics for a half dollar each – and when Lex gets old enough you can be sure I will be busting these books out and we will go to town with a couple of crayolas!  96 to be exact… with a crayon sharpener on the back of the box – because that’s how I roll!

This is my favorite cover!

I am sure I will need to buy extra green crayons.  I am sure Fern, Forest Green, Inchworm, Jungle Green, Mountain Meadow, Pine Green, Shamrock, Screaming Green, Sea Green, Tropical Rain Forest, Yellow Green – and in real desperate times – Electric Lime could substitute well enough – but people should take  some real pride in their work!

Wow, how many of these do I have?

Actually, the different greens would make sense, the Hulk has changed the shades of green a few times over – so… yeah.  How does one finish a sentence like this?  Just let it fade away?  Distraction?  I go with the latter – Oh!  Look another coloring book!

Aaaaaannnnd - that's it!

6 responses to “Hulk Coloring Books (2003-2008)

  1. I have first color book with 400 pages but I never coloring them I just leave they that way…i like to look pages that all.

  2. TheStrongestOne

    Nice post Ratchet. I bought a few of these for my son but found myself disappointed with the art. I had to remind myself this isn’t a comic. Stop critiquing a 6 year old’s coloring book!! Lol

  3. LMFAO at the commentary! XD
    “Cause that’s how we roll!”

  4. It’ll certainly be more fun than the Star Wars coloring
    books I had as a lad…

    Coloring Darth Vader was booooring.

  5. Heh. Nice Dale Keown swipes. By nice, I mean kinda not.

    I remember Hulk coloring and activity books when I was a kid. Man, those were better! At least, if the covers are any judge…;)


  6. Yeah, the interior art on these are so disappointing. And the art *was* better on the Hulk coloring books from our youth. Shame on you, Marvel, for giving the go ahead on these.

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