Hulk… Thing (2010)

Can someone please tell me what the hell these are called?

I have no idea what you call these things.  It’s a pen – no, it’s a weird thing with a koosh on the top – stop – you’re both right!  Actually bought back in December at the Hallmark store while picking up the Hulk / Wolvie ornament.  Since this thing is pretty much self-explanatory and with not much more to say I will simply leave you with this thought… orange is both a color AND a flavor… discuss


5 responses to “Hulk… Thing (2010)

  1. it’s a keychain. lol

  2. But if an orange was blue would it still be an orange?

  3. Is it a cat toy?

  4. Orange does not rhyme with any other word. Unless your very imaginative.

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