Hulk Clip Clock (2003)

Clip Clock... yup - Clip Clock

So, yeah – it’s been about a week, maybe more, since my last post.  Well, it certainly isn’t due to having stuff to post – and I will tell you the absolute truth – I have been working on a few posts that are pretty involved and pretty long – but really fun.  So, bear with me – posts may not be coming EVERY day but I will post more, as well as getting the reviews out for the new books.  And yes, I picked up the new MU Avengers boxed set – and the Hulk is AWESOME!  But a more thorough review is on its way!  Wait… have I even mentioned the clip clock that’s posted above?  No?… huh.  That’s too bad.


6 responses to “Hulk Clip Clock (2003)

  1. Not sure if it was worth mentioning…

  2. ITS OUT?! Sooooooooo picking that up next week when i get paid.

    • Yup – that and the Skaar MU figure is popping up on shelves now. Picking that up next week – a guy I know already snagged one for me!

  3. Hey Ratch-I got a M.U. Skaar off ebay apparently there are two versions one says “SKAAR” on the base the other says “SON OF HULK” on the base not sure which is the variant -both seem to be popping up on ebay equally.He is pretty big -a bit bigger then the M.U. WWH figure-anyway thought I’d share that with you -and any other collectors,I dropped something off by Corey(for your collection) hope you can use it-Take care-Mike

    • Really? Thanks! I can’t wait to see what it is!

      Also, thanks for the heads up on the Skaar figure – now I know to look out for it!

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