Hulk/Abomination Silly Bands (2010)

Hulk Silly Bands!

Did any fad die quicker than these things?  I don’t think so… well I know those furry hamster things… what the hell were those things called?  Ah yes – Zhu Zhu Pets.  The frantic clamoring for those things died down in, what?  One Christmas season?  Silly Bands were at least really popular for a few months.  But at least Marvel jumped on the ball quick enough to release a few sets of these things – including a set with the Hulk and Abomination.  Can anyone explain to me the real attraction of these?  Even my 25 year old sister was all a buzz about these for a while.  But anyways, here they are. 

"Hulk Smash" position


One response to “Hulk/Abomination Silly Bands (2010)

  1. I never got why people liked them, it’s like “OMG, my rubber band can look like a duck?!”

    Off-topic: Are you going to review “Fear Itself”? Because The Hulk’s been chosen as one of “The Worthy” and I think you might like some of the action. (Screenshot in my name of Hulk smashing Thor)

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