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Hulk Comic UK (1979)

Hulk Comic #3

As much as I would love to own these all, I don’t.  I own just the 3 I have posted here.  These are an interesting part of Hulk lore though, you see, the Hulk starred in The Mighty World of Marvel mags for a while and then they gave the Hulk his own title.  Sounds familiar, right?  Well, the great thing about these issues is that the early ones all have some original content.  Original stories with some reprint stuff.

Hulk Comic #4

There are only 63 of these issues out there and I think tracking most of them down, with the help of ebay won’t be too hard.  These I found in a comic shop called Harrison’s Collectibles – the one in Salem.  That shop – although not great on prices all the time – do have some fantastic hard to find stuff that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Hulk Comic #6

Overall, I think these would be easier to find than all of the Mighty World of Marvels – especially #198 which will be the bane of my collecting existence since they never seem to show up on ebay – except one that was graded priced at $500.  If you are a fan of this blog then you know I am a frugal shopper and refuse to pay premium prices – especially for something that should be, at the most, $50.  Oh yeah – if you’re unsure of what’s so special about TMWM #198 – it’s the reprint for the first appearance of Wolverine.