Hulk Comic UK (1979)

Hulk Comic #3

As much as I would love to own these all, I don’t.  I own just the 3 I have posted here.  These are an interesting part of Hulk lore though, you see, the Hulk starred in The Mighty World of Marvel mags for a while and then they gave the Hulk his own title.  Sounds familiar, right?  Well, the great thing about these issues is that the early ones all have some original content.  Original stories with some reprint stuff.

Hulk Comic #4

There are only 63 of these issues out there and I think tracking most of them down, with the help of ebay won’t be too hard.  These I found in a comic shop called Harrison’s Collectibles – the one in Salem.  That shop – although not great on prices all the time – do have some fantastic hard to find stuff that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Hulk Comic #6

Overall, I think these would be easier to find than all of the Mighty World of Marvels – especially #198 which will be the bane of my collecting existence since they never seem to show up on ebay – except one that was graded priced at $500.  If you are a fan of this blog then you know I am a frugal shopper and refuse to pay premium prices – especially for something that should be, at the most, $50.  Oh yeah – if you’re unsure of what’s so special about TMWM #198 – it’s the reprint for the first appearance of Wolverine.

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11 thoughts on “Hulk Comic UK (1979)

    1. I seriously want to scream right now… I have a search for it that’s supposed to email me when one comes up – guess who didn’t get an email?

  1. hey Ratch-kinda curious about this,.across the top of HULK COMIC #3 it reads “15 HULK figures to be won” any pics of the figures? I know this is from ’79 …but I’d still like to know what figures they were-Thanks-Mike

    1. I opened the mag – and it doesn’t show the actual figures you will win. All it shows is a pic of the Hulk that you must color – and it says you may win 15 palitoy Hulk figures. Sorry – no pic of the actual toys though…

  2. Looks like that’s from a UK site. Not sure if eBay searches extend as far as their non-US sites.

    Thankfully in the early days of eBay, I got a good bunch of the UK Hulk Comic–probably #1-34 in really good shape. That includes all of the original UK Hulk stories and bunches of reprints. Still, some good stuff in there~


  3. This is the Hulk comic I read as a kid – I’ve been busy finding issue 1 plus the free Hulk sticker book it came with, and I just found someone selling the original stickers from 1978 still in their packets! I have to say Hulk comic was a let-down for me back in the 70s, after the glossy wonderfulness of MWOM – Hulk Comic was cheaper-looking and the art may have been original but it wasn’t very good (though Brian Bolland did the cover for issue 1). Hulk Comic later became Spider-Man and Hulk Weekly, which was even worse, and I think eventually that folded.

  4. How many and which have original material I remember reading on comic book database that only the first two had original Hulk stories. Those two were about the tv show however. There was a daily Hulk comic strip about the tv Hulk that lasted for a year. Stan Lee might have actually written them. There was a site that had them to download.

  5. i have every one of these my dad gave them to me. i dont read comics and im not sure what to do with them. should i sell them,any advice

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