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Coming Soon!

Gentle Giant is releasing a great pair of bookends – Hulk and Thing – here is the Hulk – coming in February – and it’s a must buy for me!

Marvel Universe Avengers Set (2011)

MU Avengers 5-Pack

The Good: Well, all I can really say, and thankfully a point that was brought to my attention before – this is truly the first set we have of the original Avengers line up!  Even the 1999 set included Giant Man – who was not in the first issue.  It was Ant Man and Wasp.  I do find it funny though those figures are almost as big as the larger figures in this set!  But really – I can’t say enough nice things about this set!  I don’t have an open package yet, so I can’t tell you about the figures feel and such – but the boxed set is a beauty!  The Box art is even fantastic!  The Hulk sculpt is classic Kirby Hulk with the squared off head and purple shorts – dare I say this is the best Hulk offered in the MU line!

Classic Kirby Hulk!

The Thor figure is absolutely perfect as well and captures the classic version very well.  Iron Man is the least impressive of the 3 bigger figures in this 5 (6 counting the ant) pack – but that’s only because he has no real paint scheme to him  other than bright gold.

Goldilocks and Tin Man!

The Bad: The Ant Man and Wasp figures are basically just little lumps of painted plastic.  they don’t really have features at all – which is confusing to me as the Handful of Heroes had pretty great sculpts to them even though they were tiny.  In fact, the HOH are smaller!  I wish they were a bit better – I mean, even the any they include seems to have more detail!  Also, I would have liked to see a comic included – even a mini-comic of Avengers #1 would have been nice!

These deformed pieces of plastic are supposed to be figures?

The Ugly (Truth): This is a pack to pick up – I even like how my box was packed with the Hulk turned away from his team-mates – a sign of things to come!  The Hulk alone is worth getting this pack for – never before has a figure captured the Avengers Hulk so well!  The 1999 pack has the worst brown wash on the figure – making the Hulk look dirty rather than giving him more definition.  The price point – and the cheapest I see on ebay is about $20 – which is perfect.  Even for $30 you are getting a great pack of figures.

Best part of this pack!