What up? What IS this again?

The new “event” Marvel is cooking up – because as far as I can tell “Fear Itself” isn’t really doing much to rally the fans – is as mysterious as why Marvel keeps doing events that no one gives a crap about in the first place.  But here it shows that the Hulk will be part of it – whatever it is – anyone have a guess?

By the way – reviews for issues are almost complete.

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19 thoughts on “What up? What IS this again?

      1. No pun intended, right…… This Mighty concept really has got my interest as they are all lesser powered heros, so to speak.

      2. Sub-Mariner got left out. If the other lady is Invisible Woman, that can make sense, as she is his friend with benefits.

  1. Well I hope it’s a new Defenders series, but Ironfist was a one time member and Red She-Hulk was never in the Defenders. I guess they are gonna changing the line up (not good). Hey Ratch did you read that awesome X issue where the Grey Hulk destroys Sabertooth (sweet).

  2. The Real Hulk was almost absent from the Ultimate line with the exception of clones and the roided up version of Luke Cage who is supposed to be the the First Hulk

    1. You haven’t seen that yet Jameson? I will have to get it out and post a pic to show you – it’s pretty bad.

  3. I hope this portends to the WorldBreaker as a Defenders villain, just ultimately kicking butt, especially the reds. As I have hated on Pak the new storyline looks promising. Don’t care if this Nul character gets his ass kicked by the Mighty.

    1. Whee. loganblue, you never miss a chance to give a taste of your Pak hate whenever you arise. We get it already. Seems Marvel no longer wants to give you the Hulk you recognize. What do you really feel? At turns you’re saying you want this Hulk as a Defenders villain “kicking butt” and at the same time you want “Nul” (Hulk) getting his butt kicked by the Mighty (who we’re seeing are likely the new Defenders team). Which is it?

      I still don’t think we’ve seen enough of what’s coming up to deem it promising or not. I’m very cautiously pessimistic because we’re coming off a few years with a single writer who has proven he knows the Hulk inside and out and has loosed several new “toys” to play with in the ongoing mythos (Sakaar & all it has produced, the “Worldbreaker” power level, and the continued development of Betty as Red She-Hulk, for three). Remember how badly Marvel screwed the proverbial pooch at the end of Peter David’s run, wanting to backpedal over years of status quo changes in favor of the return of the savage Hulk? Not the character’s finest moment. I hope we don’t see something similar, but making the Hulk a tool of the latest Marvel event’s big bad doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, no matter how much he smashes.

      Eh, we’ll be debating this again in a week, when the SDCC panel reveals more.


  4. I think this picture is the Red Hulk, I mean he is wearing black pants (although it could be the colors just throwing us off) and the she hulk pic is Red She Hulk. If it is Red Hulk now I’m starting to worry about the Hulk after this Heart of the Monster story

  5. Well apparently the first Defenders villain is something is something they are calling “Ebon Hulk” During this time time Hulk & Banner are separated after Fear Itself. Banner has gone “mad” while was Hulk has found inner piece. So I guess the roles of the characters are reversed where Banner is now the villain and The Hulk is the one on the mission to stop him.

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