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Hulk #36 - Red takes on Zzzax

Hulk #36

The Good: Why does Parker torture me so?  Why can’t he just write badly and make me want to trash the book?  No, instead he writes solid story after solid story (alright, Planet Red Hulk was pretty bad) and it makes me want to read the next issue!  Even worse, he’s writing classic Hulk stories the way no one else can – and over in The Incredible Hulks we’re getting a mess of characters weighing down the title. 


So, here we are – MODOK shows his “face” – if you can all that ugly mug a face – and looks to kill off Red.  He chooses Zzzax – which, as any good Hulk fan would know, is a terrible choice as Ross WAS once Zzzax – and that turns out to be the downfall.  All Zzzax does is touch Red and the two are linked once again – and Red can make Zzzax work for him – something the new MODOK didn’t factor in.  I do like this new MODOK – as Red mentions – it’s a more sadistic being – one that isn’t always just calculating on how to dispose of his enemies – but actually enjoys seeing his plans go into action – watching the killing!  The art really works in this issue – Zzzax especially looks amazing!  Red really shows a soft side for Annie – and it seems more and more that Zeno was right. 

The Bad: Mostly, just the Cap variant cover.

Hulk #36 Cap Variant

The Ugly (Truth): Buy this book.  Buy the hell out of it and read it and enjoy it.  Pretend the Green Hulk stars in it and you may even enjoy it more!  Parker’s last storyline was forced and pretty crap – but he makes up for it with “one of” issues this good.  Grade: A

The Incredible Hulks #632

The Incredible Hulks #632

The Good: I will just say that the Hulk has never been so visually astounding!  Pelletier knocks it out of the park EVERY time!  It reminds me of the days when Keown first took over the art duties and you picked up the issues just to see who he was drawing and making look cool!  The Hulk has never looked better.

Hulk's a little angry...

Now, if you’ve been waiting for Pak to cut loose and let the Hulk be the full on Engine of Destruction he is – this is the issue for you!  Hulk cuts loose!  Armeggedon – still sour on the way that the Hulk killed his son… twice – begins pummeling his kin-folk… and Rick.  Hulk doesn’t stand for it for even a moment and just beats the living hell out of Ole’ Lefty.  Get it?  His right arm ain’t too useful grasping anything – just saying.  Anyways, the Hulk doesn’t just hurt him – and I won’t say how – but we aren’t going to be hearing from Armie anymore.

The Bad: I am not sure whether having the “World Breaker” Hulk is such a good thing.  I mean, before WWH the Hulk’s strength was considered limitless – but with the World Breaker it’s sort of like now we have a limit.  Of course that limit can rip an entire planet in half – and that’s nothing to shake a stick at – but still.  This, of course, means that the Hulk, in his most rage-full should be a good match for pretty much anyone.  Getting him to that limit may be the real trick – but still, it can be done.

The World Breaker is Back!

The Ugly (Truth): I am here to say – that Pak is in full swing for his swan song – it took a bit to get me really hooked – but now I am!  I want to see more – I want it now – I want what I want when I want it!  Anyways, Buy this book – totally worth it!  Grade: A