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Marvel Universe Skaar (2011)

MU Skaar Figure

The Good: Here is a surprise – not in the sense that this was coming out – but that it looks this good!  I still think the price point is off on these figures – but I do like the details they seem to fit into the smaller bodies.  This sculpt is leaps and bounds better than the ML figure we were given a few years back – not just the sculpt but the scale to the figures in its respective line. 

Still not happy about the price tag - but these figures are looking better

The color is a darker green, which is way better than the teel-esque color that the ML is.  I’ve heard there are 2 variants for this figure out there (Yes, it was reported on this site by the ever helpful Gamma-Pup) – not on the figure itself – but the base which you stand the figure on.  One stand says “Son of Hulk” while the other says “Skaar” like the package does.  That’s the other thing that this figure has over the ML one – this figure actually states his name rather than just “Son of Hulk”. 

Skaar - He's a mean green mother from outer space

The Bad: Well, the card art is a pretty unfortunate choice.  The art at the top looks like Skaar’s making his “O” face – or even worse – his “I just discovered a dead hooker in my bathroom – and my wife will be home any minute!” face.  I still say that these figures should be packed with more than just a simple card and a love letter to Stark – maybe a mini-comic or something.

Hulk's son... still sounds funny to say that

The Ugly (Truth): If you are a Skaar fan – it is a must – I think it captures the brooding adolescent better than the ML figure does.  If you are a MU line fan – it’s a must as well – this is a beautiful figure to add into the line and done very well.  If you are a Hulk fan… well, make the choice up for yourself here – do you like the character enough to pick it up?  I know I did – and I am glad I did.  Grade: B+

One of my favorite items is the sword!