Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

Another Hulk Plushie!??!

Hulk Plush 2

I really like the last plushie looked – the one I picked up at the Boston Comic Con.  This one?  This one looks like it was made by a 5 year old.  It also looks like it was made from used wash clothes.  Why does he look like this?

Which one would you like?

The first plushies have character – I pretty much like everything about them from the wild, bushy hair to the round, black, lifeless eyes and his tiny little ripped purple pants – the new ones have nothing redeeming about them at all.  These will most likely land on my “Worst of 2011” list as THE worst item of the year.  Mark my words…

What are those flaps on the bottom? Are those supposed to be feet?