Another Hulk Plushie!??!

Hulk Plush 2

I really like the last plushie looked – the one I picked up at the Boston Comic Con.  This one?  This one looks like it was made by a 5 year old.  It also looks like it was made from used wash clothes.  Why does he look like this?

Which one would you like?

The first plushies have character – I pretty much like everything about them from the wild, bushy hair to the round, black, lifeless eyes and his tiny little ripped purple pants – the new ones have nothing redeeming about them at all.  These will most likely land on my “Worst of 2011” list as THE worst item of the year.  Mark my words…

What are those flaps on the bottom? Are those supposed to be feet?

9 responses to “Another Hulk Plushie!??!

  1. Looks like the design is similar to the popular “ugly dolls”

    I kinda like it… Loll

  2. No worries – to each his own – this just isn’t my thing. I did buy it though 🙂

  3. hey Ratch-I did get two of these ugly plushie Hulkies -one I stored away in my collection ,the other I left out on my couch,and my dog just LOVED it -it was shredded in 10 mins-it makes a great dog toy!

  4. Now we know what happened to the Yeti from the Rudolph XMas special.

  5. HULK SMASH666

    As you know I love the funko hulk! I can’t believe how damn cute he is, and the wild shaggy hair is hulk perfection!!

    This other…..thing?? Ugh, what a heap o crap! Looks like hulk smoked a bowl of crack!! I think my 4 year old daughter could draw a better hulk! I saw this at one of my LCBS but had to pass.

  6. Anyone else think that the looks like the son from “Bob’s Burgers”?

  7. Ok I stand corrected. They just announced the creative for TIH and this what i pulled from Newsarama “And speaking of the Hulk, speculation that he’s going to die seem to be unfounded. A new Incredible Hulk #1 launches in October, by the creative team of Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri. Neal Adams and Dale Keown provide variant covers.” Another decade another relaunch…

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  9. This should go underneath the um…… section

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