Daily Archives: July 26, 2011

Another Update!

New MU Hulk 2012

The one thing I love about the SDCC – it’s not the price of going – or all the hooplah – but I do love the sneak peeks – like knowing there is ANOTHER MU Hulk figure coming our way!  Thanks to the Chase Variant Site (Click on image for link) for getting a fantastic pic – and of course to Gamma Pup who let me know this bad boy was coming out!

Some Announcements!

Love this - LOVE IT!

First off – above is a teaser poster for the upcoming Avengers movie – and yeah, the Hulk looks sweet as hell on it!  Also, turns out that the Defenders are coming back and Betty – as Red She Hulk – will be on the team.  Blah to that…

New Hulk Cartoon

There will be a new Hulk cartoon – YES!   That also has the Red Hulk in it – Boo.  But hey, I will watch it.  Lastly, I know most people already know this tid bit – but Silvestri is helming the new Hulk relaunch in October with Jason Aaron writing.  I will miss Pak – but more I will miss Pelletier.  Silvestri has some talent – but I am not a fan of his Hulk.  Click on any of the pics to be taken to the Daily Pop – which is an excellent site that also covers all this crap!

Silvestri Hulk