Another Update!

New MU Hulk 2012

The one thing I love about the SDCC – it’s not the price of going – or all the hooplah – but I do love the sneak peeks – like knowing there is ANOTHER MU Hulk figure coming our way!  Thanks to the Chase Variant Site (Click on image for link) for getting a fantastic pic – and of course to Gamma Pup who let me know this bad boy was coming out!

5 responses to “Another Update!

  1. HULK SMASH666

    That will be a must buy for sure! I really hope with the avengers movie comes some awesome hulk merch and he does not get shafted to the back seat.

  2. WOW that looks far better than the previous one.

  3. Hey Ryan-I love this one!!! Totally Classic HULK-like the one I grew up with-gonna have to buy a few(Jan.’12-I think is the release)…and I’m with ya HULK SMASH666 can’t wait for the HULK/AVENGERS merch,Hopefully there is a HULK Legends figure to fit in with the AVENGERS Legends line.

  4. SWEET! I also concur with Hulksmash666 n Gammapup. I get the impression that Hulk is not getting the same attention as Thor, Ironman and Cap merchandising for the Avengers movie.

  5. This is the same sculpt as the WWH figure, they just took off the Tiara.

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