Some Announcements!

Love this - LOVE IT!

First off – above is a teaser poster for the upcoming Avengers movie – and yeah, the Hulk looks sweet as hell on it!  Also, turns out that the Defenders are coming back and Betty – as Red She Hulk – will be on the team.  Blah to that…

New Hulk Cartoon

There will be a new Hulk cartoon – YES!   That also has the Red Hulk in it – Boo.  But hey, I will watch it.  Lastly, I know most people already know this tid bit – but Silvestri is helming the new Hulk relaunch in October with Jason Aaron writing.  I will miss Pak – but more I will miss Pelletier.  Silvestri has some talent – but I am not a fan of his Hulk.  Click on any of the pics to be taken to the Daily Pop – which is an excellent site that also covers all this crap!

Silvestri Hulk

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13 thoughts on “Some Announcements!

  1. Missed the one about the Hulk cartoon. I don’t have much hope for it. It looks like it was made for a 5 yr old. Hulk and the agents of S.M.A.S.H.really? What the hell is that supposed to stand for anyway?

  2. I hope this cartoon comes out; A while back they were surposed to do a Hulk and Gamma Corp cartoon that never saw the light of day. Great news all around for the Hulk- Hulk TV series, New Inc Hulk#1, Defenders come back in print, Hulk in Avengers Movie, Hulk cartoon and more Hulk toys and statues coming up, fantastic….or should I say incredible.

  3. The Hulk image on the new Avengers movie banner reminds me of the Sideshow Premium Format Hulk statue that came out a few years ago. Maybe the artist used it as reference. Everything from the gnarled fingers to the underbite and neanderthal brow seems to match up with the statue. Perhaps the artist had the statue sitting in front of him?

    Here are my thoughts on the banner art. I like the face. But I don’t like the over-exaggerated neanderthal brow. Also, ~if~ he has an underbite (which it kinda looks like he does) I hate that! Also, we can see the top of his ear. I think his hair should be a little longer and wilder (like it was in the 2008 TIH). While I am SO relieved that they gave him hair on the sides of his head, I think he needs more hair hanging down on his forehead (you see too much of his forehead). I like it when the Hulk has a few strands of hair hanging in front of his eyes, etc. Also, his sideburns seem neatly coiffed, instead of savage, wild and wooly!

    I am relieved to see he has torn pants on (that look like they may be purple!!! Yeah!!). I’m glad he doesn’t have those creepy spandex shorts on! I wish the tear of the pants was mid-calf (a la the Savage Hulk and the 2008 TIH).

    So, basically, in a nutshell, he doesn’t look like the 2008 movie version and there was no reason to change that design. If anything, the lack of continuity only distracts the audience further.

    I’m assuming that a work of art as large as that banner had to be started a long time ago…perhaps (hopefully) the art on the action figure card (the one that debuted at SDCC) is closer to what we’ll get in the movie.

    I realize that it was just one single piece of art, so I’m only commenting on that piece, knowing that he may look different in the movie.

    1. Yes, technically it is Banner “art”, but it’s based on Mark Ruffalo (the guy who plays Banner) and that’s what he looks like. I think this Hulk depicted in the art will look similar to his design in the movie because it seems based off of Mark Ruffalo’s face and if you want a guy with a Jack Kirbyesque face, Ruffalo’s got one. Norton is gone so there’s no point in using the exact same Hulk, although i think this one seems to look abit more cartoony than the last one.

      1. I’ve never understood the thinking behind, “Well, we have a new Banner, so we need a different-looking Hulk.” No comic book artist in history has ever tried to make the Hulk look like Banner…so why should the movies do it? If anything, it will only alienate the general audience more; since we lost the continuity of what Banner looks like, why spend the budget to *also* lose the continuity of what the Hulk looks like?

  4. “Click on any of the pics to be taken to the Daily Pop – which is an excellent site that also covers all this crap!”

    Hahahaha!! Thanks for the plug! I’m pretty psyched about the new direction for the Hulk. I’m not exactly saying that I’m sold on it being a good idea,. but I really want it to be good.

  5. I like the new Ruff-Hulk, but I think that Norton Hulk looked the best. However, I will not voice an opinion about it until we see a video of him in action (Btw if you see Captain America, they have the Avengers trailer at the end of the movie.)

    Agents of S.M.A.S.H.? What would that stand for?

    Liking the new Silvestri Hulk.

  6. Not sure what to think of the new Hulk Series, I really do wish they had a different artist. This seems straight out of the mid 90’s, not too many popular book are being drawn this way anymore. I doubt it will be a huge draw for new readers.

    The cartoon, yeesh. I want these other Hulks outta here. Since it’s new atleast Marvel will probably release it on DVD, thats the biggest plus of this series. Hopefully if it’s a success we can see the 80’s, 60’s and if we must the 90’s one too, but i’m not holding my breath on that one.

  7. I remember liking Silvestri’s art back in the day, but his new Hulk art looks pretty awful. Looks more like Berni Wrightson’s Frankenstein with those pronounced bony cheekbones

  8. Will they please stop with all these Hulks! SMASH Some More Asinine Shitty Hulks. Anyways. Silvestri…. I’m OK with. Just OK. Get rid of that Goddamn Red Hulk Marvel! I Hate You…… 🙂 Cool Hulk figure tho. Love HULK. Can’t wait for Avengers, less than a year now. Thor looks cool.

  9. So glad they used a new hulk, cuz the two other hulk in the other movies were just plain weird and more of a monstrous type. This one will probably talk more often and be like a regular human. Hulk also might be the villan until the near end of the movie where he saves the avengers butt.

    1. that’s what i’m thinking, they try to team up, Hulk beats on em….Then comes back to help them in the final battle, then leaves in the end.

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