Hulk Key Chain (2011)

Hulk Key Chain

This is the kind of key chain I’ve been searching out – a nice big Hulk color Hulk face!  They have been using this image a lot.  Not that I am complaining – it’s a classic image!  Unfortunately I have only found one – and in order to have one on my key chain I need to find another!  That’s totally normal, right?  You buy two of most everything?  One to store in the Hulk room and one to use – I refuse to believe that is not how everyone does it!


4 responses to “Hulk Key Chain (2011)

  1. Heh heh… He’s winking

  2. Does that hulk face have any chrome metal in the dark areas of the keychain? cause if it does heres a link to it

    but by the looks of your pic. it doesnt look anything like the link here, but if your cam. didnt pick up the chrome parts of the keychain here it is.

  3. My son has been imitating this expression ever since he glimpsed this post.

  4. It’s a popular Hulk image recently – it’s on a lot of new Hulk stuff…

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