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Nova (Volume 2) #3 Pgs. 14&15 – DPS! (1999)

DPS Robot Hulk beating down Nova!

Alright, let me just say I have not forgotten or abandoned you guys!  I have a ton of stuff to still post I just have to find the time!  So, that brings us to this – while I would like to delve into the original art with both feet – but the unfortunate part of being into any collectibles market is the rise and fall of prices and values.  Right now OA is on the rise – and splash pages are an easy grand.  Luckily, this Double Page Splash was not anywhere near that!

Beautiful mug! Love the rage in the face!

There are a few reasons that this page was considerably less – in fact, the biggest reason is – this isn’t actually the Hulk.  It’s a robot.  That doesn’t change the fact that it’s an incredible Hulk drawn by Joe Bennet and that is a double page splash.  Another reason is that it comes from a short lived series – Nova, volume 2 – which, if you ask around, was a pretty good series.  That seems to happen with the best of them – the best series don’t really last all that long.  Too bad.

Hulk swatting away Nova!