Incredible Hulk Face Tattoo (2010)

Hulk face tattoo - it's okay to admit you want one!

I am really trying to concentrate my collecting – not picking up anymore backpacks and lunch boxes that I will not use – and instead looking more to the items I want to display – and trust me when I tell you I agonized over this purchase – only because it’s one of the most unique and hilarious Hulk items I have ever seen!  A face tattoo!??!  Not only do I want to wear it – and I am not talking about wearing it on Halloween – I am talking on a random Tuesday while I go to dinner – but I want to find another for Lex so bad!  So, yeah – be jealous!  Be VERY jealous!

2 responses to “Incredible Hulk Face Tattoo (2010)

  1. … Now I know what I want for christmas

  2. love your dedication to all things Hulk Rachet. Theres a small part of me that wishes I could do what you do!

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