A couple of Stickers and a Magnet (2011)

'63 Class President Sticker

I picked up a few more stickers – one of which will be replacing the window cling on my car right now – and because it’s just that cool – the Hulk for Class President – ’63, it’s classic enough but it looks like the pins of yesteryear that canidates were handing out.  The other sticker I’ve seen everywhere and it’s a full body shot of the image that they’ve used the head from.

Incredible Hulk Sticker

Sure enough I found a magnet of the classic Incredible Hulk #5 cover.  It makes me wish for the yesteryear of comics when I see these images.  I have them all – but of course they are all stored away – so when I see these covers it reminds me of the fantastic stories inside.  I get especially nostalgic when thinking about how they are now re-booting the Hulk AGAIN.  Even if we count the original 6 issues in the same series as the re-titled #102 it’s still the fourth time they have re-booted the title.  Keep in mind that the last time was just a few years ago…

Hulk Magnet - Issue #105

4 responses to “A couple of Stickers and a Magnet (2011)

  1. I am SO SICK of reboots ! I’m not sure about Jason Aaron but I know I don’t like Silvestri’s art. He’s not a bad artist but completely wrong for the Hulk.
    And how many times have Banner and the Hulk been separated ? Will this be the fourth time or have I lost count ? Not thrilled that they are doing this again unless the reason behind blows me away. But somehow I doubt it. Someone on this page said they wanted to see the savage Hulk return. Sorry I can’t remember who it was but at this point I couldn’t agree more. I also agree with Hulk 465. Let’s see the Hulk up against other powerhouses in the Marvel Universe and have him show once again why he is … the strongest one there is !

  2. The reboot makes my head hurt. Love the new items!
    Oh…and Ratchet–I found a typo–you typed “Hulk #5” instead of “#105”. Sorry–can’t help it–I’m a teacher…what can I do? 😉

  3. Love the wink.

    ‘Hulk love you, baby!’

  4. TIH issue 2 features HULK SHARKS!

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