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SDCC Avengers Mighty Muggs Boxed Set (2011)

Avengers Mighty Muggs Boxed Set

When I saw this set I was pretty excited.  We haven’t seen anything new from Mighty Muggs in the respect to Hulk for a long, long time.  The line seems pretty dead except for exclusives – haven’t heard of a wave 7.  Maybe I am wrong (it’s happened before) but I don’t think we will see a wave 7.  Upon further inspection of this set I noticed that all of the Muggs are the mini ones – other than Giant Man – who really makes this set poking his head out of the top of the box!

That’s something of note – this set is one long box – not a bunch of little boxes connected together.  As a result I have not seen too many of the Hulks offered separately.  In fact, I have only seen this one – for anyone who wants it.  But be warned – the Hulk is pretty tiny – not even HALF the size of the regular Muggs.  I picked the whole set up for an easy $30.  The only issue I have is that Cap and the Hulk were not on the team at the same time…

Mini Mighty Muggs Hulk