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Catching up with the Red Hulk…

Hulk #37

Parker continues to shine as the Hulk title keeps going strong!  Unlike TIHs which is striking a hic-up among some strong Hulk fans; Parker’s storyline , as it comes together, continues to be engaging and wildly entertaining!  The last we knew MODOK 2.0, and Zero/One’s assassin Black Fog both took a swipe at taking out Red – but starting with issue #37 Parker is asked to tie “Fear Itself” or as most are calling it “ZZZZZZZZZ Huh?  Wha..? Is Marvel still doing big events that no one cares about?  Oh – awesome” but we’ll call it “Fear Itself” for short.  So, the worthy Thing and Red battle – but the Thing… Ah – Angrir topples the Avengers tower onto Red – leaving him vulnerable. 

Black Fog goes in for the kill – but MODOK 2.0 is like “Uh-uh – that’s mine!” and attacks him.  The old logical MODOK would have realized that if someone want to kill one of his enemies, well, that’s less work for him – but the new MODOK wants the kill – he wants to be the one who does it, to revel in his kill.  Sure enough, Black Fog does not take too kindly to MODOK’s advances and goes to kill him – but Zero/One stops him.  She wants Red killed and figures that keeping someone alive who also wants Red dead will only help the cause.

Hulk #38

At this time Red gets taken out of the equation by being hit by the Thing and being knocked 15 miles away!  Meanwhile MODOK and Zero/One combine forces to take out the Serpent’s army in order to keep them from taking over Manhattan.  But as Red returns to his childhood home and remembers his Mom and tries to stop crying like a little girl he also runs into the Omegex.  Cue dramatic music!

Sure enough Red gets knocked into my neck of the woods – good ‘ole dirty water Boston!  Omegex continues it’s assault on Red – who is taking the beating pretty well – until Black Fog slices the tool of the Uatu right through the chest.  I can’t imagine that really stopping it – but we will have to wait to see.  If you are not reading Parker’s Hulk series it’s a shame – because it’s really good.  I saw the whole “bad guys turning on each other” aspect coming – but it’s still good reading!  Grade on all 3 issues: B+

Hulk #39