Hulk Visionaries: Peter David – Volume 8 (2011)

Hulk Visionaries: Peter David - Volume 8

Yes, that’s right – volume 8!  While I applaud Marvel for continuing this series going I do have to give a strong jeers to the fact that they are charging $29.99 – and have even stopped using the glossy paper stock.  Maybe they didn’t think anyone would notice – or more like; they don’t care.  Still, I would love to see a collected Omnibus of the Hulk PD years – just as they did with the ASM McFarlane years.

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27 thoughts on “Hulk Visionaries: Peter David – Volume 8 (2011)

  1. You mean you missed the era of shoulder pads, pouches & 6 ft long pony tales in comics. Yeah you didn’t miss to much.

  2. Well the DCNU gives you a small peek what the 90’s were like in comics. You even get to see Liefeld make an attempt and fail at doing a monthly comic again.

  3. What?!?!? I will have to check it out – it’s down in the Hulk room right now – but haven’t had the time to crack it open just yet – how is it?

  4. It was pretty good. The power levels of The Worthy are a little sketchy though. One issue the worthy are kicking the crap out of everybody the next Ms Marvel and Spidey are able to cause Thing & Hulk some grief. Frankly Im bored with both Flash Point and Fear Itself. But anyway you shouldn’t be disappointed on how the fight ends between Thor & Hulk.

  5. Here is something I posted on Dailypop a few weeks back. I posted this on here and on Gary Miller’s site. If anyone has any thoughts to contribute feel free.

    “As for the wishes and how they are connected with Betty I will go into more detail. We know all wishes are thus the wishes that brought the villains are connected to Betty. Here is how all the villains with the exception of Fin Fang Foom are connected to her.

    1. The Bi Beast was first encountered when Betty was turned into the Harpy. When Peter David was writing there was also a issue where Betty and the Hulk met him. That is a more minor point however.

    2. The Wendigo also first appeared when Talbolt was married to Betty and The Hulk was following he. This is very similar to both Fall of the Hulks and the recent story with Tyrannus.

    3. Armmaggdeon the Troyan leader brought back Betty’s father so there is the connection there. This was one loose plot thread I would like to see Parker go into. David never explained this nor did Loeb.

    4. Umar was a love interest to the Hulk in the 2005 Defenders series while Betty has been a love interest to Bruce.

    5. Fin Fang Foom has very little connection. The 2008 Peter David Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom series brought had the line where the women who ran the South Pole station asked why the Hulk wanted to help Fin Fang Foom. Hulk said “You remind Hulk of Betty a little around the eyes”.

    There it is. If anyone has more information to add please tell me.”

    As I said before feel free to add your thoughts.

  6. Here’s what i posted on Jason Aaron’s hulk blog post. Basically just throwing stuff out there and maybe he’ll take 2% of it into consideration:

    “I’m super excited for a new direction as a life-long Hulk reader. Congrats on the job!

    If this were Christmas and i had to ask Santa what i’d want from a Hulk comic would be as follows:
    – Kill off his kids.
    – Either kill off Betty again or actually have her as Betty.
    – Suck the A-Bomb out of Rick Jones.
    – Sort out the personalities in a clear fashion, make each one have a different strength/weakness/purpose.
    – And lastly, Fixit. Even though i’m sure he’s on the backburner.

    Just thought i’d list that stuff for the hell of it.

    The trailer looks awesome! This seems to be a much needed freshening take on the character.”

    1. Nice site – just one thing – please stop using the name Rulk because everyone who uses it sounds incredibly stupid. Call him Red Hulk, call him Red, heck, call him the other Hulk – but Rulk is the worst name ever to be adopted by fan boys.

      1. About the name Rulk Ratchet, let it go. Life’s too short! I don’t know why you chew people out over it. I would prefer the premise of there’s only one Hulk.. and marvel change red’s book from Hulk to Rulk. It would put more separation between the two.

        And I guess you don’t remember you were one of those fanboys who used the name Rulk too. Check out your review for Hulk 5 and 6. You used the name Rulk repeatedly…

      2. I will never let it go – it’s a terrible name – I may have used it in the beginning – but I have since become smarter and realized using that name makes you sound ridiculous.

        BTW – thanks for letting me know, I will go fix those reviews!

  7. Wow, @KingHulkMarco!

    Way to throw me under the bus on your latest post in Jason Aaron’s blog! I just stated my opinion, feel free to tell him yours instead of telling him to “ignore” mine. I’m pretty sure my little comment didn’t rattle him, I wouldn’t be so scared if i were you. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

      1. Ya, he must check this site religiously too, cause next to nobody posts on JA’s blog. If i only had the power to hi-jack a writer. Oh well, the internet.

    1. I need to defend King Hulk here. He was only expressing what he thought was best. He was not trying to belittle anybody’s opinion. RobsMarlin,did you post under a different name? Because he explained just what I said to that fellow in his blog reply. If that is hijacking a writer then so is anyone who writes a letter to comic book magazine saying what direction he would see the series take.

      He is not trying to control Jason Aaaron or any other writer.

      1. When you’re stating your opinion i dont know why it’s cool to tell them to “Ignore” somebody elses. Pretty simple, i’m not trying to get in a fan argument on a writers blog. If you read correctly, I’m telling him (KHM) not to worry about it because my influence is zero, this stuff has been in the pipeline for months now and one comment from a fan isn’t going to do jack. I left a wishlist to be possibly seen by the writer on the writer’s own blog and that’s that. I’m not the leader of an Anti-Hulks mob, i’m one guy who thought he’d share his opinion. Personally i don’t care where or what KHM is writing, he seems like a control freak and i’m not interested. Not even worth talking about.

  8. I hope Aaron does break up the Hulk family ! Definitely take away Rick and Betty’s powers. I know Red Hulk and She Hulk aren’t going anywhere. Red currently has a monthly book and She Hulk pops up from time to time with a monthly.
    I do like the Red Hulk now that he is in the hands of a better writer and I know She Hulk has a fan base as well. Since She Hulk and the original Spider-Woman were created to protect a copyright I’m not sure how often they have to appear to protect that copyright. Not sure how that works.

    I just hope Aaron returns the Hulk as the star of his own book. As I mentioned before I’m a little skeptical about what I’ve read about the new story arc. I’m willing to give Aaron a chance as long as he gets rid of the excess baggage. Drop the family off and get back to smashing !

    I’m also not a fan of Heart Of The Monster though I haven’t picked up the last issue yet. It’s all a bit silly if you ask me. I would have preferred TIH to tie in more with Fear Itself and see more of the Hulk as Nul and his fight with Thor. The fight in Fear Itself 5 was too short. He reminds me a little too
    much of Worldbreaker, House of M and War Hulk BUT that could be explained as the hammer making an amalgam of some of his most powerful yet still controllable incarnations hence no Devil Hulk. I still want a Nul action figure and/ or statue !

    1. Thanks, unfortunately I think there’s chance no of Fixit. But since i’ve been back into comics (about 10 years ago), I always thought there was a huge window for Fixit in either Marvel Knights or Marvel Max comics. It would basically be stories left out from when he was in Vegas. There’s no way that wouldn’t be awesome!

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