Tokidoki Hulk Charm (2011)

Tokidoki Hulk Charm - love the belt!

Alright, here’s a couple of great stories for you!  These new Marvel charms came out and the Hulk is obviously included.  They are released in solid boxes so you cannot see what character is inside – a practice I somewhat hate but is pretty ingenious in getting people to buy more than they originally intend to.  Well, I wasn’t falling for it and decided to skip this little Hulk piece.  As I walked up to the register the man saw me looking at the Tokidoki boxes and said that he and a bunch of friends bought a whole slew of them and love them.  He then picked up his set of keys and showed me the charm he opened and – wouldn’t you know it – it was the Hulk!  I said “That’s the only one I would be interested in.”  He told me he would give me his Hulk – all I had to do was purchase another one to replace it.  Well, that was not only a generous offer but enough to get me to buy a piece I had written off.  By the way, the one I purchased for him was Rogue.

Hulk Charm #2!!!!

THEN, I was in a little comic shop last week and the owner had just gotten a whole shipment of these charms in.  He was talking them up and I said I already had the one I wanted – the Hulk.  He said he felt like a gambling man and told me if I could pick out another Hulk that I could have it for free – if I picked out any other character I would have to pay for it.  I was in a good mood and decided to play along.  I picked up each box – shook it – weighed each in my hand and the selected a box.  I was not confident at all that it had the Hulk inside – but, as it turns out… 🙂 :

Two Hulks for the price of one Rogue! Woo Hoo!

So now I have two of these little guys – don’t worry – they are friends and get along famously!


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