The Skaar Variant

Skaar Figure

When these figures started showing up on the shelves I told you, thanks to the information provided by Gammapup, that there was a variant.  Not on the figure but on the little stand that comes in the package.

"Skaar" Variant

One of the stands says “Son of Hulk” while the other says “Skaar”.  I am not sure if one is more rare than the other but honestly – if it’s just the stand – does it really matter?  No, I don’t think it does either!

"Son of Hulk" Variant

Published by ratchet

I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

9 thoughts on “The Skaar Variant

  1. I want this figure because I love the old Bill Bixby TV series, and hair aside, this head sculpt looks quite a bit like Lou Ferrigno. I’ll need to find someone to do some painting for me, though, ’cause Skaar’s body is too wide to serve as a Ferrigno-style Hulk.

    I like the blog, incidentally. I just discovered it a few days ago.

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