Bowen Designs Wendigo Statue (2011)

Wasn't this Hulk Hogan's pose first?

I have to tell you – I was dead set against picking this up – not because I don’t like the character or was disappointed in the way it came out but more because of the sheer size of this mother!  True to the character, this massive statue is bigger than any of the Hulk statues that Bowen has released.  Even better – it’s obviously Byrne inspired from Uncanny X-Men #140.

ManiPedi? Wendigo deserves the best...

Classic cover and now classic statue!  It’s amazing how some sculpts made in 3-D can work so well, and that’s one of the things that Bowen does better than anyone else.  You would be hard pressed to find another company who can make statues of our favorite comic characters that look as though they’ve popped off the page!

It's the whole she-bang!

Now, I told you I was pretty much resigned to not picking this up but I walked into Comically Speaking in Reading, MA and I was floored when seeing it in person.  Not only did I pick it up but when I got home I instantly got busy making the perfect display.  I’ve always thought that Bowen’s 1st appearance action Wolverine went well with the Smack-Down Hulk – but without Wendigo in the mix the display is missing something.

A Mug only a Mother could love... too bad he would probably eat his mother

Just like the Wendigo bust (which has the greatest base ever!) the FS base is scattered with skulls.  While the bust was certainly Trimpe inspired – Bowen went another direction this time, as I mentioned before, with a Byrne inspiration.  But this time we at least get a peek at that HUGE tail!  The tail and the mane (which was Byrne’s real contribution to this character) are probably my favorite parts of this statue.

I am not an animal!

I mentioned how large this piece is – but unless you can see it you will never fully realize what I mean.  Factor in the frailty of the tail and claws – you are seeing a very rare piece.  I know Bowen only released 450 of these (and when I say 450 I don’t mean 450 regular with another 450 exclusive – for all of you math illiterate people out there it means there are actually 900 statues out there, yeah – BD doesn’t play that way) and if that seems low to you – it is.  If you have a chance to snatch one of these up – DO IT!

Who thinks these two should be a comic team?

So, in closing, we are very lucky to have a company like BD doing comic statues like these and for as long as he has – because we are getting characters that I never dreamed of seeing as busts and FS.  Who else thought we’d see a Ring Master bust?  Not I!  And a Wendigo FS!?!?  So, let’s support BD – if this is not you’re cup of tea – that’s fine, you’re nuts, but that’s fine – BD has something for everyone.  Check it out for yourself!

Together - they still don't stand a chance!

Now for a shot of the display:

My Desk - how do I ever get any work done?

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11 thoughts on “Bowen Designs Wendigo Statue (2011)

  1. Hey Ryan-agree with you a 100%-this is one of Bowen’s best and I have him displayed facing off against the Smack-down Hulk also, and glad it’s based on Byrne’s version…I didn’t pick up the whiskered Wolverine…maybe in the future,also agree with you about the Wendy Bust-just an awesome base-Take care-Mike

  2. …and (forgot about this) a few years back when Hasbro released their FIN FANG FOOM- HULK BAF series I thought the Wendigo figure in that set was really cool looking-(very Byrne-ish) one of my favorite figures in the set….just thought I’d throw this in there as long as we’re talking about Wendigo.

  3. Hey Ratch–is the Hulk statue all the way on the left (in the bottom picture) the Hard Hero Hulk? And is the Hulk all the way on the right the Toys R Us display? Thanks!!

  4. Yes and Yes. It’s funny – I was able to snag the display because I knew the manager at the time. She said she wasn’t allowed to give it away – but she gave it to me anyways. And the HH Hulk – still one of my favorites!

  5. @ 5150- Ha, well I hope I get to see you on film running away from those aliens in NY (cough, cough I mean Cleveland). By the way I hope you are happy with your new home cuz I am, ha. I still miss your words of wisdom from those old Hulk space days. Anyway, good to see you pop up now and then on the Ratch site.

  6. Just bought a wendigo and unfortunaty there is a hairlime crack on his left that goes under his crotch and around his tail.:'( my question to u is would or could it be repaired or just leave as is. I don’t want his tail to fall off .

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