Incredible Hulk #46 Page #1 & Patch (2002)

Issue #46 Page #1

I swear I have not abandoned you guys here – and I will start posting regularly at some point – but things are so busy I… well, I have a secret talent that I have not disclosed yet.  I am working on something that I hope you guys will get a kick out of.  I do have a whole bunch of stuff – including some great art.  I will also be updating the pages on this site – which, for those of you still paying attention and reading, takes time away from posting – but makes this site more user-friendly.  I have read the latest Hulk issues and will be posting reviews soon.  What the hell does this have to do with this art?  Nothing – so let’s get to it!

The Hulk!

Yes, this page is from the horrible Bruce Jones run – and yes – one of my least favorite storylines – but it is a pretty unique page as there is a patch page included.  Let’s begin with the fact that Stuart Immonen is the talented artist that had the unfortunate pleasure to draw this storyline.  His style certainly feels like a Film Noir type setting – which would have been perfect if this wasn’t the Hulk we’re talking about!

Patch Page

But the page shows Agent Pratt – who we all know became Super Fatty and then even had the great honor of having the Hulk rip him apart – kidnapping Banner.  The last panel shows an overview of the room where Pratt is pointing the gun at Banner – but that is not what ends up in the book.  For reasons I am unaware of Immonen re-drew the bottom panel to just show Pratt face on – pointing the gun.  It looks pretty amazing but my favorite shots are the Hulk images.  What a classic shot of the Hulk tearing down a brick wall with his rage-full fists!  Did that sound a bit geeky?  It was totally supposed to!

Is he watching Fox News? Ugh...


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