NYCC Compound Hulk!

Yes, Hasbro is releasing a Compound Hulk that is a NYCC exclusive.  But Hasbro will also be selling this on their site a few days after the Con.  Although – if anyone is going to NYCC and wants to do me the solid of picking this up for me – I would be ever so grateful!


8 responses to “NYCC Compound Hulk!

  1. son of a B….this isn’t gonna be cheap.

  2. No worries Rob – $11. Some consider that cheap…

    • I just checked Hasbro Toy Shop and tried ordering a MU figure to see how much the shipping would be and it was 38 bucks to Canada! So i’m probably going to have to go the Ebay route.

  3. Yikes! Didn’t factor in shipping – wow, that is outrageous! You might be better off going ebay – good thought.

  4. It’s the same mold as the Red Hulk one! Just a freakin’ re-paint!

  5. I’ll see what I can do for you Ratch…

  6. Hey Smashin’, that’s all Hasbro seems to do anymore are repaints. 😦

  7. But it’s a cool repaint!

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