Fiddy on the News!

One of the usual guests here has an awesome spot on the news – highlighting his art room and collection – congrats to Fiddy!  It was a great story – and I’ll look for you in the Avengers movie!  Click on the pics!


5 responses to “Fiddy on the News!

  1. Go 50!! Representin’!!!!!!!

  2. Love it!

  3. Awesome, 5150 you are in a class all by yourself. Too bad they did’nt cover your love for the female anatomy (just joking). Can’t wait to see ya on film brother Hulk.

  4. Wow! That was so cool of you to link both stories, Ratchet!! Thank you so much! And thanks, guy, for the compliments!! (Oh, and 465–my additional comments must have ended up on the cutting room floor! LOL!) 😉

  5. Very cool Fiddy ! I really hope your scene survives the editing process and we get to see Earth’s Mightiest Teacher next year on the big screen.

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