Daily Archives: October 11, 2011

McFarlane Goodness!

O Novo Incrivel Hulk!

There is no denying what this guy has done for comics – and the power he held for a long time.  Now?  Well, now it’s rare for his comics to sell a 10th of what they used to but for a long while he outsold pretty much everyone!  His (too brief) Hulk run was one of the more memorable; and not just for the stories PD told but because of the style in which McFarlane decided to draw the grey behemoth!  Above I have a spanish version, mini-comic of The Incedible Hulk #341 – Hulk vs the Man Beast.

Amazing Spiderman Omnibus!

I also did pick up the McFarlane Spiderman Omnibus – which I am very excited about and contains Amazing Spiderman #328 in which the Hulk gets his ass handed to him by a very powerful Spiderman!

The Issues Included