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Marvel Universe Hulk – Avengers Base Variant (2011)

MU Hulk - Avengers Base Variant

This is a Toys R Us exclusive – last time I checked they weren’t even on the site yet – and all of the figures are actually variants of existing figures.  I saw this for the first time on ebay two weeks ago and have been trying to seek one out for myself since – last week… nothing – THIS WEEK – Different story!

Who the heck is Hulk's dentist?

So, like I mentioned, these are re-paints of existing figures – and the Hulk is the Buscema-ish Hulk we were given in the Secret Wars 2-pack a while back.  But I am loving the re-paint!  Instead of the neon green this time the Hulk is a darker, forest green – the pants are no longer neon as well – they are a deeper violet.  The re-paint is all sorts of fantastic – and I was in love with the first variation when it was released!

One Side - I like how it states that the Hulk can beat everyone up... well, it pretty much says that

The other side:

Hulk image on the other side

Now for the not so good… these figures are pretty pricey.  $19.99 per figure.  If you only want a Hulk then you’re pretty safe – but to collect them all is going to leave quite the dent in your wallet.  Right now I have seen Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk – but there are supposed to be more.  The back of the package shows Black Widow, Hawkeye and more…

Woo Hoo!

Also, the base lights up – a slight blue-ish hue when the button is pressed – and each piece connects to make a circle of Avengers.  I am inclined to just get the Hulk – of course the set that was just on ebay went for big bucks – so maybe they will be a good investment.

This figure also doesn't have the white "shirt" painted around the waist

Either way, here is the Hulk – giving it a grade I think the figure itself is tops – A, the packaging is pretty dang sweet, the window box makes it easy and ready to display – B, but the one thing that hurts this new Hulk is the price.  Especially since these are repaints, there is no way to truly justify the $20 asking price.  Basically they are saying the base is worth $12.  Grade for pricing – F.  Overall B