Marvel Superhero Adventures (2011)

MSA Hulk and Thor

So, Marvel has decided to create a NEW children’s line of figures.  The Superhero Squad line was obviously not doing the desired job – so now we have the Marvel Superhero Adventures!  So far they have released 1 wave including Cap, Iron Man, Wolverine – but Hulk is paired up with Thor.


Hulk also has a new snazzy ride that comes along with this new line.  It’s something that baffles me – Hulk can jump MILES – yet they give him a car… here’s the choices Hulk:  You can either jump to Nevada and be there within the hour – OR – you can jump in your little automobile and drive, within the speed limit of course, for about 2 days straight until you reach Nevada.  The choice is yours!  When you do decide – if you’ve chosen the car – decide again.

Hulk Car - HULK CAR!

I am interested to see where they take this new line – of course I’m always in the mood for a Planet Hulk, or a Fixit, Merged Hulk would do well too! (are you listening MU line?)  Anyways, the Hulk also comes with the Spiderman and Large Truck, but it’s the same figure as these two, so I didn’t bother picking it up.

You could pick these up... or not... it's your choice of whether or not you want to be awesome!

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4 thoughts on “Marvel Superhero Adventures (2011)

  1. I think these are cute…and good for small children I like this cheerful Hulk these cartoon superhero are cute…but Hulk with car? this is dumb dunno why they do that….I argee Hulk can leap miles! make me wish that Hulk is real then I can ask him to go and get Sheamus then bring him to me I alway want to meet Sheamus! In case you don’t know Sheamus he is WWE superstar I have crush on him..giggles

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