Hulk Glass Coaster (2010)

Hulk Coaster

I wish I had more time to post everything – my life was totally different when I first started this blog – I didn’t have a child then, of course, and now I do.  She is the light of my life and if I am not working on one of the thousand different projects I am currently pursuing I am taking my daughter to the playground, having a lazy morning with her watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse and eating Fruit Loops and bananas.  I am having the time of my life.  One thing that has made it easier is that I no longer receive emails about posting on this site – making me feel like I am letting people down.  I wish I had time to post more – but it’s nice to know that people still come to this site to check out the Hulky goodness I have – even though I am not posting like I once did.

The Whole Set!

So, here’s my promise to the fans of this blog – I will continue to post whenever I can – whatever I have (as you can tell, last week I had enough free time to post almost everyday).  I love to hear from you guys – so when I do post – make a comment – say ANYTHING – even if it’s negative, as long as it’s not rude – I will respond and continue to have a dialog with everyone out there.  Anyways, I hope you made it through this rant – and yes, those are Marvel coasters – glass ones – I found these for a measly $2 at the mall and I have to admit… I kind of like the Wolverine one the best!  I hope you enjoy!  Talk to you soon!

11 responses to “Hulk Glass Coaster (2010)

  1. It’s awesome to hear that in this time of general uncertainty things are going so well for you. Most of what we hear on a regular basis is negative, so just keep doing what you’re doing and know that what you do here, (whenever you can) is appreciated by those of us that check it out.

  2. No worries Ryan. It sounds to me like you’re a man that has his priorities straight.

  3. I appreciate whatever u can give us bro

  4. Did you get a Compound Hulk?

    • Thanks to a few great people – some who visit this board – I was able to snag a few – an that’s good because I am able to help out my other Hulk fanatic buddies who didn’t go to NYCC

  5. What a wonderful story about your daughter, Ratch! Listen, you NEVER need to apologize to us about anything. You don’t owe us a thing. Even if you never post again, you have created an amazing Hulk reference for all the fans. You can *always* post Hulk stuff “some other time”, but the time to eat Fruit Loops & bananas and enjoy the playground is NOW. We love you, Ratch. Cherish the time with your girl. Take lots of pictures. We’ll be waiting patiently. 🙂

    (Oh–and so I’m not completely off-topic, the Wolverine coaster is awesome…it’s from my favorite picture of him, drawn by one of my favorite artists, classic Art Adams. And while it’s nice that Trimpe is getting some mileage as they use his artwork, I never liked how it looks like the Hulk is winking; I wish you could see both eyes. I wouldn’t mind a classic Sal Buscema image being put into circulation.)

  6. You definitely have your priorities in order Ratchet. I know my hobbies changed after my first child, even more when the fourth one came along…

    Looking forward to more down the road…

  7. Can definitely related Ryan. As my three daughters have gotten older and older, I spend more time with them (or should I say driving them to here and there) and spend time with my beautiful wife so the website updates became less and less (plus I spend too much time on Statue Forum 😉 ). I was actually talking to a friend about changing my site to make it more managable. who knows.

  8. I’ve said it before, just… Thanks for sharing yr “incredible”
    Collection (and time) with us. There’s never a need to apologize.
    Our son is almost 2, so I totally understand how valuable time
    Becomes. (he just started saying “hulk” and “tigers” as in Detroit
    Tigers, so he has lots to talk about a those two things are our main decor)

    I have the same coasters and I love them, but, being glass, they kind
    of suck as coasters. the water just runs off the cup, off the coaster,
    and onto the table anyway.

    Be well, virtual hulk friend.


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