Lex is ready for Halloween!

My happy Cupcake

Since my last post – I only think it’s fair to share a few pics of my daughter (in her new Halloween costume, yes – she’s a cupcake) for you all to see.  Three posts already done for next week… see you Monday!

Me - and the little light of my life!

6 responses to “Lex is ready for Halloween!

  1. Venomoushatred1001


  2. I’ve been trying very hard to compete with your “Collection” !. So naturally I had to get one of these beautiful little “She Hulk’s” too !.
    She’s the most expensive collectible I own.
    Lex is lovely !, well done !.

  3. Rachet – I am very disappointed – I expected a She Hulk costume at the very least. I think your dedication to the cause is slipping. Focus man! If she’s not dressed as She-Bomb next year you will have lost a blog follower. 🙂 (Its OK Rachet I am only joking – She Bomb doesnt exist, its got to be She -Leader!!). No really Im joking, she looks lovely as a cup cake!

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