NYCC Exclusive: MU Compound Hulk (2011)

NYCC Exclusive Compound Hulk

Love the storyline or hate it (and for the record, I totally hated it) the idea of having a figure based on this comic was a great idea – a combined Green and Red Hulk figure?  There was LOTS of buzz around it!  Of course, most people who did score one seemed to immediately list it on ebay – for a profit, of course.  Hasbro announced that they almost sold out of the figure – but still had enough to list on their site for a few hours.  Me?  How did I score one?  Read on…

Compound Hulk!

It was because of the generosity of one of the readers of this site that I was able to show you the one in this post – thank you Tbear! – but I was also contacted by a member of the SF a few days later that he also picked one up for me!  An extra?  Sure!  Thank you!  Not even a couple of hours later, my friend Corry, from Zapp Comics, let me know he also had one reserved for me.  So yes, dear readers, I am a fortunate man – one with friends in all the right places… for Hulk collecting!

As for the figure – it’s a pretty decent variant – one that, I think, will be sought after.  Right now there are plenty on ebay – but when those dry up watch as the prices rise.  Thanks to all who were able to assist me in getting a figure – like I said – at the moment I only have this one to speak of – but I have faith that the others will land in the Hulk room.  Just to let you all know, I will be opening one – and the last is already spoken for by a Hulk fanatic I am helping out.  Yes, one hand washed the other – or in this instance – One figure is passed from one fan to another!


8 responses to “NYCC Exclusive: MU Compound Hulk (2011)

  1. Good work. I got 2 off Ebay for 30 bucks a hit.

  2. I got mine direct from the Hasbro booth. NYCC was possibly even bigger and better this year than last! I met up with all the usual suspects plus a few more. Lots of stuff upcoming from yours truly. Great to see you were able to get one of these exclusives!


  3. Glad I could help man! I was sending out a few to big Hulk guys I know and I thought “If there’s any justice in this world, the dude with the awesome Hulk site needs one.”

  4. Funny thing there was a guy making customs of this figure on Ebay for the past couple of years. Too bad the couldn’t include a Impossible Man figure with this packaging.

    • I saw those! He must be pissed that they actually released it now!

      They were a bit expensive, if I remember correctly

  5. He’s STILL making them. He tweaked the design though by adding rips on the side of the pants. Maybe Marvel can take his TRI Hulk figure and write a story around that. So than Hasbro can turn around reuse this sculpt for the 1 millionth and it some sort of Comic Con exclusive.

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  7. LOL,the combination of the Face and the hair gives this Hulk a kinda “Goodfella’s Mobster” look XD

    seriously though,i got one of these composite Hulk’s for my MU collection,and was lucky enough to score an Impossible man,he’s from the Legends wave but he’s in scale with the Universe figures.

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