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Worst Article EVER!

Reading through the comments about each issue is like slicing a knife through each of my eyes and squeezing lemon juice in the holes!  Seriously – did this guy even bother learning ANYTHING about the issues he chose?  You have to read it for yourself – so click the image for the article – but just remember – especially when he makes the “Afro Hulk” comment – this guy had to be the worst person to write an article about the Hulk… ever!

Marvel Masterworks – Volume #167 (2011)

Marvel Masterworks #167

Yes, the new Hulk MM volume is out.  I picked up the gold frame cover (#167) and they are now getting into one of my favorite era’s of the Hulk.  Trimpe is really getting his confidence in drawing the Jade Giant in all of his glory – and the Leader is ever present!  For me, there is not a miss in this collection – every story is amazing – pick up this book, is you can!

I just finished the last Defenders MM so this came at a perfect time – I don’t get a whole lot of time to read extra stuff.  It’s funny – I like the Omnibus format but haven’t touched it because I read the issues a few times over in other books.  This is why I LOVE the MM books – these I can take with me anywhere – and when I find a myself with a few extra minutes before I have to do a job – I crack open a MM and go into my job with a great attitude!

Get it while you can!