Worst Article EVER!

Reading through the comments about each issue is like slicing a knife through each of my eyes and squeezing lemon juice in the holes!  Seriously – did this guy even bother learning ANYTHING about the issues he chose?  You have to read it for yourself – so click the image for the article – but just remember – especially when he makes the “Afro Hulk” comment – this guy had to be the worst person to write an article about the Hulk… ever!


5 responses to “Worst Article EVER!

  1. Well that guy’s kind’ve a jackass.

    I found this review for Inc Hulk #1, check it out:


  2. lol he makes it seem like he’s writing for Pre-schoolers – not only that, but sometimes his spelling is completely off. It’s “throne” not “thrown”!

  3. Oh, it wasn’t that bad, apart from the “afro hulk” comment. I’ve seen worse misinterpretations.

    • Really? I disagree – it is really bad – and it wasn’t just the Afro Hulk comment – it was pretty much ALL of it!

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