The Incredible Hulk #1 (2011) – The Review


What to get into first?  I have so much to share!  I was lucky enough to have the morning off and planned to get to the LCS before it opened – waiting outside the door until they opened the doors, rush inside and get my issues.  But it was raining – so I just waited in my car until the neon “OPEN” sign came on and then strolled into the shop.  No rushing needed – as I was the only one there.  But that’s alright – I was still excited!  I knew there were quite a number of variants to get – 7 covers in all – and I had the manager putting them aside for me – so I wasn’t worried about getting them all.  But I was interested in picking up quite a number of blank covers because I am working on something… secret right now!

#1 with Super Rare Sketch Variant

So, what do I discuss first here?  Story?  Art?  The variants?  Let’s start with just that – the variants!  The regular cover has become well known now as it’s the same art that was used in all of the promotion for the re-launch.  My favorite cover is the 1:15 Ladronn Hulk cover.  The sheer intensity of the illustration screams out “Hulk!”  Another – the Neal Adams cover – is a cool idea but I think the face sort of ruins the whole cover.  Portacio’s art is… what it is – a decent cover.  Some say it’s a “3 per retailer” variant – and others have it listed as a 1:15.  Either way, I have it.  The Keown variant – a 1:50 – is an amazing shot… of the Hulk’s foot.  I know what he was going for here – but it doesn’t work.

1:50 Keown Variant

The rarest variant of them all is the 1:100 sketch cover.  I HATE that.  A black and white version of the regular cover?  What genius!  And by genius I mean loser.  But yes, I have that one too…

Neal Adams!

My favorite variant:

1:15 Ladronn Variant

The story is an interesting one – I didn’t read very much of the Fear Itself event – didn’t really interest me – but I do know that the Hulk and Banner were separated.  Aaron has made a curious and enthralling debut with the Hulk being asked to stop the one thing more dangerous than himself – and that’s… himself.  Or, his other self.  Banner.  He’s asked to stop Banner.  Banner looks as though he’s gone a little batty – trying to make himself another Hulk.

1:15 Portacio Variant

A few years ago we could have all said “That was a unique set of circumstances that could not be duplicated – Hulk is one of a kind” but of course, that is all ruined now (thanks Joey Q and Loeb – please, do me a favor, punch yourselves in the face) because MODOK and the Leader created the Red Hulk – who is basically the same character – just red.  So why can’t Banner?  But whatever – like I said, Aaron has written an interesting jumping on point.

Silvestri does not impress me with the art - there are a few good shots - but the majority is not good

The art – I wasn’t so jazzed about.  Silvestri is a great artist, don’t get me wrong, but he’s NOT a great Hulk artist.  There are some great looking pages – and others… not so much.  I did dig the Dr. Moreau feeling that Banner’s lab had to it – but I was underwhelmed with the issue’s art overall.  And that’s all I will really say about that.

Another Good Hulk Shot

Now, the Hulk has been separated from Banner a few times before – under Byrne he became a mindless raging monster – and under PD he is much pretty much as he is here – only now, he’s going to stop Banner!  It’s something I didn’t think I’d ever see.  It’s certainly an interesting premise.  So, should you guys bother picking this issue up?  Absolutely – buy it – buy it NOW!  I’m thinking we’re in good hands with Aaron.  Grade: B+

The Haul

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12 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk #1 (2011) – The Review

  1. I enjoyed it too, similar thoughts as to what you had. I really hope they don’t drag this storyline out for an eternity though. I’d also really like to see Hulk interacting with humans again and not supervising little alien nutjobs. The coloring really had a Planet Hulk feel and i’m thinking it’s time to move on from that.

    I also got a ton of blanks, as a convention is near approaching here in Canada. I bought 10 Inc Hulks and 20 Inc Hulk blanks in total! I bought all the variants except I passed on the sketch cover because they were asking 89.99 for it, a little too much for half a cover! I’ll wait for that hopefully in an Ebay auction a year from now.

  2. Hey Ratch-agree with you on a lot of things on this ish,but I thought 7 covers was a bit excessive-2 or 3 variants would of been fine(of course I picked them all up)…and this story(Banner’s side) has the “Island of Dr. Moreau” feel for sure,which to me makes Banner just creepy now and inhumane (the way that he’s messing-up those animals…)and the little “alien nutjobs” just seemed like a dumb idea,lastly the art,it wasn’t for me I read on another post that Silvestri may be gone after issue 6-that didn’t last long-hope issue 2 clears up a few things…anyway that’s jus my 2-cents,take care-mike

  3. Just another mystery to keep us interested. like who is the red hulk. Now it’s how are The Hulk and Banner separated. Now even more gamma beasts?!. Marvel really has lost a lot in the originality department. The only thing cool with Fear Itself is Captain America wielding Mjolnir, again. At least Aaron has an edge. Maybe Banner will be the strongest one there is.

  4. I call this one Zen Hulk. Which I think is cool. Just wish all things could not be gammatized. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  5. I liked Aaron’s writing style, but I agree with Ratchet, that for the story itself, it just seems (for us long term Hulk readers) that weve seen all the elements of this story before. Very reminiscent of PAD’s Hulk with the Aborigine’s storyline, and of course Hulk-Banner separation is old hat (but that’s not Aaron’s fault as far as I know). As for the art, although not my favourite style – ‘a bit 90’s scratchy stylee’ – it is different, and for me that’s good enough at the moment. Ive had enough of the ‘noir’ and ‘cartoony’ styles. Not that I mind either style, but I just feel theve been overdone in the last few years, so I am enjoying the change at least. All in all its not perfect but I think that if there is potential here for it to be a classic run if its done right (ie Marvel not forcing Aaron into having the Hulk save / threaten the Multiverse in a decade long multi-publisher crossover event). Might not turn out that way, but at least there is potential, and that has me excited about reading Hulk for the first time in many years.

  6. Missed a variant! Actually one that won’t be available at your local shop. Golden Apple Comics is offering a variant at the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend. It’s the Portacio variant with a few extra logos. Technically, it counts.;-)

    I’ve already reviewed the book, and I was one of the first outside Marvel to see it a few weeks ago. Anyhoo, I’ll tell more about it in a podcast this week!


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