Daily Archives: November 4, 2011

MU Absorbing Man (2011)

Marvel Universe Absorbing Man

I have a few more MU to show off – when I get a chance to actually take a photo of them and post – but one interesting thing I noticed is that when they have announced a variant for a figure – like when they showed a clear variant for the Dr Strange figure – the variant is the first to show up in stores and the regular comes out later.  The other thing I noticed is that once the regular is released – good luck finding the variant in a store again!  Well, this rings true for this figure too – Absorbing Man!  The variant, which is a fully absorbed figure, is out now.  I’ve had it for a few weeks – but I still have not seen the regular out there yet.  I am not worried, as I know it will pop up eventually, but I was waiting to see if I could post them together!  Anyways, the variant is great – because, along with the figure that the Secret Wars 2-packs gave us, we can have ALL of the stages of the Absorbing Man – regular – mid-transforming – fully transformed!  Anyone else out there able to snag this – or the regular – yet?

Close Up!