MU Absorbing Man (2011)

Marvel Universe Absorbing Man

I have a few more MU to show off – when I get a chance to actually take a photo of them and post – but one interesting thing I noticed is that when they have announced a variant for a figure – like when they showed a clear variant for the Dr Strange figure – the variant is the first to show up in stores and the regular comes out later.  The other thing I noticed is that once the regular is released – good luck finding the variant in a store again!  Well, this rings true for this figure too – Absorbing Man!  The variant, which is a fully absorbed figure, is out now.  I’ve had it for a few weeks – but I still have not seen the regular out there yet.  I am not worried, as I know it will pop up eventually, but I was waiting to see if I could post them together!  Anyways, the variant is great – because, along with the figure that the Secret Wars 2-packs gave us, we can have ALL of the stages of the Absorbing Man – regular – mid-transforming – fully transformed!  Anyone else out there able to snag this – or the regular – yet?

Close Up!

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2 thoughts on “MU Absorbing Man (2011)

  1. I got two of this one and i ordered the regular version off ebay for 11 bucks. Only reason i ordered it was because getting figures in Canada is shady, they like to over order and then miss waves until the old one sells. Hobby shops sell these things for like 14.99 here.

    1. As long as the price is right – ebay is a great place to grab figures! I might have to go that route for the regular AM if I don’t see it on the pegs here soon!

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