McGuinness coming to Boston Comic Con in April!

This is great news!  I will be working on doing quite a few things at the Comic Con this year – and as every year, would LOVE to meet up with some other people there – if you plan on going, let me know!

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18 thoughts on “McGuinness coming to Boston Comic Con in April!

    1. We can always count on LoganBlue for a fresh dose of Red Hulk hate. LOL

      Ed McGuinness was born to draw the Hulks. That’s awesome that he’ll be there!

  1. I wish I could also thank him for making She-Hulk look like a teen. Seriously though I’d for sure get a commission from him.

  2. I dunno. Really am not impressed with McGiunness’s work. To me it’s very cartoonish and has NO REAL STLYE. Very Generic. I am excited about the new Incredible Hulk! The mystery on how they are separated….I hope the Hulk totally disses red she hulk and totally smashes her fathers ass! Silvestri will be leaving but has impressed me with his design far more than generic mcguinnness. loeb and mcguinness suck more than any comic book team EVER. Worse than perez. Worse than ….. You cannot get more generic and boring than loeb and mcguinness. I Love this new direction for the Hulk, although, it does go to the form I hate in which all can become hulked. At least this Hulk has a very cool attitude.

    1. Generic? McGuinness is one of the most praised contemporary artists today and his art goes for top dollar. So glad the majority of comic fans disagrees with you about McGuinness and your feelings towards Red Hulk. Peace my brotha

    1. Grey – please don’t let logan’s opinions stop you from coming to my site! Personally, I am excited about McG coming to BCC – he is on my list to get a piece of art from! I always appreciate hearing from you Grey – I hope you don’t stay away long.

  3. I like McGuinness’ style though it is far from my favorite. I would agree that it is far from generic. His style at least affords the Hulk size and weight. I would agree with Loganblue in that it is very cartoonish and I wish we could go back to the Hulk being unique. In the past other transformations besides a select few ( Abomination, Leader, Doc Samson, She Hulk ) have been temporary at best and at worst resulted in a painful death. I can’t remember did the Hulk dogs die in the comics ? I know he pulped them in the movie.

  4. STYLE…. McGuinness has none. McFarland, Silvestri, Leifeld, Jim Lee, Portacio, Dale Keown, Jack Kirby, have it. ……. McGuinness, Byrne, Perez do not, to me.

    1. I love everyone you’ve mentioned… except Leifeld – who is a joke. Now THAT guy has no style – and most of the time – cannot draw at all!

    2. Now Logan you sound like you don’t know what your talking about. Tell us you don’t like McGuinness’ style.. but don’t say he doesn’t have one. Large jawlines, big eyebrows, oversized fists… this is all Ed’s style… and he has plenty of it that separates his art from other artists.

      I can’t stand J.R.JR’s style myself but he definitely has one too…. sheesh.

      1. Exactly- good point Strongest – You may not be a fan of McG, Logan – but that doesn’t discount his talent.

    1. Actually I disagree. I look at Hulk #1 and see the way McGuinness drew Samson, Ross and Banner and they’re all drawn quite different actually.

      On the otherhand, if you look at Romita Jr’s latest work in AVENGERS, everyone has the same pointy nose. Now THAT artist has the everyone-looks-the-same disease.!

  5. OK Ratchet and Strongest, I agree, just, and this is the last time I am ever going to write or even say this word. his STYLE is meant to be drawn on Mc Donald’s Happy Meals, which I love (the toys can be very cool), that is how generic I think McG is. I am all for McG at McD.

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