18 thoughts on “Classic Hulk Ad

  1. Yep, my guess is for Medina as well. Although, I can’t remember if this shot is before or after Banner got the grenade in the brain.

  2. yep, Medina (who i actually really liked), looks like Hulk after the hand grenade went off in his face, guessing at issue 430?

  3. Nice! This was used as a house ad in the months before it was the cover to issue #438, the middle piece of “Ghost of the Future,” which, coincidentally, I was just rereading last night. The full piece used for the cover is just gorgeous. It’s just a shame they really were hyping up the “Savage” Hulk for no good reason, as once more the personality never appeared outside being Banner’s fail-safe against getting too angry.


  4. I think it would be cool if Banner developed new and different gamma abilities. Perhaps becoming gamma radiation itself, emmiting harmful gamma rays, even to the Red and Absorbing people, in a Havok sort of fashion.

    1. I do believe that he is capable of physically manipulating radiation as if it was a physical object – at least, that’s what I’ve read online.

      1. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out with the new storyline, Smashin! An insane and evil Banner! With powers.

  5. I guess, factually, gamma is the strongest in the universe. I would be cool to see Banner blast the Hulks and the rest of the marvel universe away.

  6. This Medina ad was published I think in 1994 or so. Unfortunately much of my early Hulk collection was lost in a water break, McFarlane’s too 😦 Don’t mind the loss of the Purves run. And my Keown’s too! That really sucks. Wouldn’t it be great if this new zen Hulk feeds these boar brother gammas to the Moloids. Like ribs.

  7. I think a great sequence would be when Thor comes back, he throws Mjolnir to Captain America and says “here hold this.” And then kicks Hulk’s Red and Juggernauts asses, all at once. Maybe Cap helps a little.

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