Best Issue… EVER?

Check out this blog – and this fans ultimate Hulk issue.  It begs the question, what issue do you consider to be the best issue of the Hulk – only choose one issue – not a whole storyline – but a single issue.  Which one is it?

For me, of course, it’s TIH #165.  But you all knew that. 🙂

No worries guys, I will be posting my thoughts on TIH #2 very soon.  Probably Friday.


14 responses to “Best Issue… EVER?

  1. I love 165 too but for me 155 is my favorite issue. Captain Axis, Shaper of Worlds, great art by Herb Trimpe and John Severin and great story and dialogue by Archie Goodwin. Very original and I like the way he ties in unseen events from Fantastic Four 10. Ah continuity where have you
    gone ? I didn’t even mind when the Shaper became a Skrull Cosmic Cube. Bring back Captain Axis and Aquon ! They couldn’t find a way to bring back Captain Axis ? He cooler than Master Man !

    • Great choice! I don’t think you can go wrong picking an issue from #150 – #190, every issue was grand. Trimpe really hit his stride in these issues – and the writing was really top notch. A time when continuity counted indeed. Writers today seem lazy and ego driven *coughLOEBcough* thinking their stories count more than what was laid out before them.

  2. R.I.P. Filius…………

  3. My favorite Hulk issue will probably be Incredible Hulk #25 (Vol. 2). It’s the one where Hulk finally fights the Abomination after he “killed” Betty.

    I love that issue because it made the Abomination very sympathetic. Admittedly the previous issue (#24) focused more on the Abomination, and he does seem a lot more likable in that issue then in 25, but my reason still stands. I feel like the best villains are the ones that you actually start feeling sorry for, and, in sometimes, start even liking them. Abomination’s is usually portrayed as simply evil villain, just like in the Incredible Hulk movie (Original Hulk was better movie!!!!!). His motives didn’t make sense in that movie. In issues 24 and 25, he does have motives, and he actually seems very sympathetic once we see his perspective.

    Both issues (Which I’ve dubbed as “Always on my Mind” arc) were drawn by the great John Romita Jr, who’s work on that arc is nothing but great. But what makes #25 better then #24 is that awesome fight scene. Its definitely a fight for the ages, as both Hulk and the Abomination dual it out to what seems like to death.

    I like the Abomination, and yes I’ am angry that he is dead (And did not have good death), but death is usually not permitted in comics. So I just need to be patient, and wait to see come back, he’s like third on my list of characters that I want back (Behind Sabertooth and Jean Grey).

    I wasn’t trying to write my own little review on this issue, but I just want to share on my favorite Hulk issue.

    • First off – great review, great reasoning! I agree that 24/25 were great issues – and I also agree that it gave Hulk fans a reason to sympathise with the Abomination. JRJR – whose art has been somewhat lackluster for the past few years now – was on the ball in these issues – his fight scenes are brutal and awesome – beautiful to look at! Great choices!

      The only piece of comic art that I own that doesn’t have the Hulk on it is from this storyline. It’s the last shot of the Abomination realizing what video Banner is playing for him – to watch until the end of time. Amazing! If you’re ever interested in getting some original art from these issues – let me know – I’ll give you the site link.

      • Even though Paul Jenkins run was not my favorite I thought those two issues were very good. In fact they are easily the best issues of his entire run.

        There is also a single issue story that was written right after that by Sean Mckeever with Jenkins that was very good. One of the best “savage hulk” stories written since the early 80s.

        Two other great single issue Hulk stories written in the past decade were “No Puppies” from Hulk 33 by Christopher Priest. This was the issue before the first issue of Bruce Jones’ run.

        The other would be the single issue Peter David did during his second run on the Hulk. This was “Dear Tricia” from Hulk 82.

      • Transformers03

        I am interested in original art, but I wouldn’t be able to buy any even if wanted. I’m currently trying NOT to spend money, so that I can save up to buy gifts for my family on Christmas.

  4. Definitely 105 Vol 3 for me. The end of Planet Hulk, personifies the Hulk for me. Hulk saves the world and then he gets rewarded by getting screwed.

  5. Hulk vol 3 #82 by Peter David is probably the best single issue Hulk story that I can think of. It was the last issue of Hulk that David wrote before House of M took over and he was off the book right afterward. It’s a really great story I could never do justice reviewing, but you should read it because it’s awesome.

    • Yes,great story. One thing that was not explained was why he son of Tricia’s fiance killed her. The story is not about him however.

      Another single issue story is the 335’s That Evil that Men do. This was a early Peter David story. It also was the only one not drawn by Todd Mcfarlane at that time. It is also a one issue tale that is outside of the main story arch.

      Another single issue Peter David was the one about the Sheriff two issues earlier.

      Other Peter David single issue story lines that come to mind are the Sam Keith issue around 367 or 368 where he is on the train with Mr Hyde. 417
      is a classic known for it ‘s humor. That are not many single issues stories that come to mind from the Pantheon era.

      I might make a list of the best Pre Peter David single issue stories.

      My critera for single issue story is that it is self contained or at least is not continued in the next issue. If you choose the latter definition I would add 346,which it is not only the Epilogue to Ground Zero but David’s commentary on the Iran Contra hearings of the mid 1980s.


  7. I loved issues 201 to 204, and ‘read’ them before I could read. The pictures told the story and every panel is imprinted on my memory. It’s always a delight to read them again. I think that ‘Vicious Circle’ in 204 is the best of them, just brilliant Trimpe art, with dinosaurs too.

  8. Hulk 361 qas its the first IH comic i ever bought, and a dam good read too! But the first time i ever saw the hulk was in sub-mariner 34 and I was hooked ever since 🙂

    • Count down series was awesome too 🙂 who can forget how a seriouslhy hurt (poisoned) hulk took down emil aka the abomination – awesome stuff

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