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The Incredible Hulk #2 (2011) – The Review

Swallowing the Hulk... not in the dirty way...

I don’t think there has ever been another comic that takes a turn for the worst faster than this relaunch has.  The first issue was somewhat intriguing – and the following issue takes a dump on the fans.  Amazingly, in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of comics in general!  Let’s break it down:

Deodato Variant

Art: The cover is misleading as it says Silvestri when in fact pencils and inks were done on this book by – ready for this – 10 different artists.  10!  Double digits!  That’s a belly-aching amount of doughnuts (I know from experience) let alone artists on a single book!  So, let me get this straight, Silvestri, who isn’t even staying on for 3 whole issues, can’t complete these issues on his own.  He has to call in a whole team to do his job.  What does that add up to?  Only a terrible looking, mish-mosh of pages cobbled together.

Red She Hulk...

Story: Yeah, the story WAS interesting but also walked a very fine line of either glory… or falling into an abyss that shows off the writers inability to tackle such a complex character like the Hulk.  Aaron, has fallen – and fallen hard.  I could buy Banner as a bad guy – especially if written the way Pak did, where Banner was doing what he did for what he thought was the greater good – much like how the best villains are written.  But Aaron makes Banner into a raving loony.  Plain and simple – and that’s just boring as hell to read.

Boy - Silvestri's style sure changes page to page!

Price: Do I really need to say anything here?  $3.99 for a less than mediocre 20-page comic?  We’re getting ripped off – by at least $4

1:200 Colorless Cover Variant

Variants: I know I have pretty harsh thus far – so let me just say the one nice thing I can about this issue – it has, hands down, one of the coolest variant covers EVER.  Deodato makes you wish for his days back on the book in one simple homage to Iron Man #128.  Now that that has been said – the rest is all downhill… again.  See, there are 2 variants for this issue.  The 1:50 Deodato – and the colorless 1:200 cover.  Are you freaking kidding me??!?!?  I felt ripped off when issue #1’s “rare” variant was the colorless cover (I know that Marvel calls them sketch covers – but let’s be honest here – they are regular covers without color.  That’s it.) but now I was not only insulted – but actually angered enough to ask my LCS to no longer pull any “sketch” covers for me.  Not only are the covers unimpressive – but the colorless covers make the image that much more boring.

Two rarest covers thus far... how... unimpressive.

Overall Grade: F.  Is F the lowest I can give this issue?  Is F- a real thing?  I don’t think so – but I am giving it a F- anyways.