Marvel Does it Again…

So, are there really that many dupes out there that they keep just buying #1’s?  The Incredible Hulk #1 shot up the charts and ranked as the best selling Marvel Book of October 2011.  Click the pic above for the link.  I wonder where #2 will place.  Will Silvestri’s departure announcement affect the sales?  I mean, we all know it will drop – BUT HOW MUCH WILL IT DROP?  That’s the real question!


5 responses to “Marvel Does it Again…

  1. I say give it t’ill issue 6 and he’ll drop down to 30, which isn’t bad. How long will “Hulk” last? Could we be nearing an end for the Red Goliath?

  2. This new Hulk series is shaping up to be a potential trainwreck (though nothing can be as bad a Loeb’s run). The first two issues featured shoddy art by the group of 10 different artists, and an interesting story at first by Jason Aaron (whom I love on Punisher Max), but I think it’s falling fast. Will Marko Djurdjević make things better in issue 4? (His art is definitely better) Will Hulk lose that stupid beard and loincloth? Only time will tell.

  3. “Will Hulk lose that stupid beard and loincloth? Only time will tell.”

    haha nice. I hope against hope that they’re going Maestro with that. We haven’t seen the big man for waaaaay to many years now.
    So far what we are getting is better than Loeb, Jones and Byrne’s 2nd go ’round at least. However, I consider my Muppet Babies comics better than those Hulk runs.
    Ratchet complains about it often, and he’s right that it sucks so much how Red Hulk is gettig such better stories and a superior book, even now after the ‘relaunch’

  4. figgle,

    I’m with you! Bring back the Maestro! C’mon, the guy was basically back to 90% until he got caught in a puny rock landslide. He’s either building and underground Dystopia (that’s what’s taking him so long) or the writers forgot about him.

  5. @ The Other Gary:

    “Marko Djurdjević”? Whilce Portacio is the confirmed artist for issues #4 and 5 at least. Leinil Yu is on covers. Haven’t heard of Djurdjević getting any extra Marvel assignments as I do believe he’s left the company.


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